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Nous produisons tous nos savons de manière artisanale, nos produits sont 100% naturels.

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The Zero waste movement that has been so popular here in Saguenay this year (2018) is only now starting to build strength.


However our journey started in Oak Harbor,Seattle, in 2010, we had a small garden, some turkeys and a few rabbits, In an Island of abundance and possibilities, with fresh fruits in the wild ( berries, pears, apples...), and an ocean to fish (salmon...yummm).


We started canning our fish and our food, in a small scale not only to minimized our impact but also for our budget to achieve our goal of retirement before 40.


During our time there, we biked everywhere, thrift-shopped shamelessly, we picked and dry fruit, and bought in bulk( with a tinny garden and a small back yard it was not big enough for our needs). Our neighbors (Mama and Family) were amazing always helping out and sharing recipes. 


One glorious thrift shop shopping day I came across a book about recycling reusing re-inventing, I don't remember the author but what I do remember is how I wanted to continue minimizing out impact on the planet, for Martin ( my boyfriend at the time), was all about saving; Either way the consent of zero waste was not only a list in a guide, but it became our way of life. 

Now we live in Saguenay Quebec, we still buy locally when not found in the gardens using local apps such as

and going to local farmer's markets; We make aprons from jeans, we donate old clotting, and electronics, we do a lot of good-services exchanges with local people, we recycle as much as we can and compost the rest;

 we buy in bulk  and make 90% of our own canning, we dry herbs, veggies and fruits, we hunt and fish , make bread and tinctures, ointments and cleaning products for the house.


It is Not easy and every one can contribute in their own way it is not practical to go "cold turkey", we all begins at different stages but little by little you can TOO make a difference. There is this app Ca-va-ou? it tell you if to recycle an item or not, it is very handy, and if in dough you can always call the info number for Styrofoam containers, wrappings, food containers and such.

 Check out blogs by Bea Johnson  who has taken the concept and made it so popular through his blog and his book "ZeroWaste Home". who knows  you may get inspired. 

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